Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #11: Self Assessing and Reflecting

Some of my favorite tools include Cover It Live, Ning, Blogger, VoiceThread, Twitter, Liquidchart, and Doceri.  I have used all of these with my students except for Liquidchart and Twitter.  I am most eager to use Twitter's back channel chatting capabilities to conduct/moderate regular chats for students in 2-3 different classrooms.  The chats could be focused on content and concepts being studied.

This experience has reinforced my thinking about learning and my vision for the classroom.  Although I do not have my own classroom anymore,  I am looking forward to collaborating with those teachers with whom I will be co-teaching, and working with them in achieving their new or reinforced vision for their 21st century classrooms.

The most unexpected outcome was my score on the Atomic Learning assessment:(  I failed to read carefully and missed the "select all that apply" instructions in certain questions.  UGH!!!  Not happy with myself!

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