Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool # 8: Taking a Look at the Tools

I have been very fortunate to have had these devices (netbook and iPad) in my classroom for a few years now and am very familiar with their functionality. I hope to be of use to those teacher with whom I will be co-teaching in regards to troubleshooting technology problems quickly and collaborating on new ways to use the devices.

I will not have my own classroom, but I did do quite a bit to manage the devices in my classroom. The devices were all numbered and each student was assigned a specific number, i.e., that student was responsible for all things that happened to and on that number. This caused students to protect their number or be device police which made device management one less thing I had to worry about at the start of class. At the end of class, I always counted the devices in a very overt and loud manner just to communicate that I was checking and serious about all the threats I made regarding device damage and theft. Although it took a lot of energy on my part, I think these behaviors were worthwhile and effective. In the three years that my students used the devices (nearly every single day) not one device was stolen or purposely damaged. Again, I hope to useful to those teachers with whom I co-teach in developing a system for managing their classroom's devices.

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